Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Stupid Is Learning Life Lessons

Covering the economic turmoil that all of us have to deal with these days, the CBC, which is in deep financial trouble these days, had a report on the real estate market, last night.
Real Estate business is in real trouble like every other businesses. Price of home dropped significantly across the country in last year, at least 12% in some areas. St. John’s, Newfoundland is the only city which the price has gone up and that’s because of the offshore oil industry. They didn’t say why is this happening regardless of the low price of crude oil (almost $47 per barrel)!
And I’m very happy about it. I mean I’m suffering like most of the other people from this stupid economic downturn but in order to gain something you should sacrifice something else. No Pain No Gain! Right?!
All those motherfucker assholes who earn money with no effort are fucked in the ass so hard that everybody at the corners of this country can hear them scream! Specially those cocksucker stupid lazy Iranian assholes in Coquitlam and other places. That’s one side of fun. The other side is the stupid assholes who always spend much more than enough. It’s being said every day that pay off your fucking credit cards or don’t you fucking max them out or don’t you be such a big asshole spending much more than what you fucking earn, Americans and Canadians. But nobody ever fucking listens. Now they are all in fucking deep shit. There was a woman in a small town Ontario who said that she had been trying to sell her big house. She had recently lost her job as a result of wrist injury. She had been told that was a very good and wise investment. Now she’s on verge of losing everything and can’t even sleep at night. She said ” You’re a slave to the bank ” Of course you are you stupid bitch! What the fuck do you think the fucking realtor tells you “ It is a good investment ”? He or she doesn’t fucking care what the hell is goin’ to happen to you. The percentage is all they care about. Capitalism sucks your life out of your body, assholes! Wake the fuck up! All this credit card, line of credit, mortgage, loan, monthly payment plan, lease, no payment for 6 months, all this is bullshit, assholes! When do you want to stop fucking around and fucking understand?

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