Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Hat Story

S. T. is one of my colleagues. He's originally from England, somewhere in northwest, with strong British accent, has been living in Canada since early 80s. He once told me a story of the hat he wore in the school when he was only a kid. I find it quite amusing although it's short. Here it is:
My father was serving the British Forces during the WWII. He was in the battlefields but he never shot a fire. He once brought an SS hat, like a tuque from German fields. He took the SS logo off and gave the hat to me and I wore it. I went to the school (I was in elementary at the time) and here it's me in the class wearing the hat. The teacher turns to me and goes: Where did you get this hat? I respond: My dad gave it to me. He asks: Do you know what kind of hat it is? I say: Yes! I do! Then he says: Why are you wearing that then? I reply: It's comfortable! That was the end of the conversation!
Do you think you could talk to your teacher like that in the old country, in that time which was late 40s, early 50s? I don't think so!
(Note: If you look at the British Forces website, you'll find it as Ministry of Defence but all I've read in the history, have been invasions not protection or guarding! Don't say that the best defence is an offence!)
(Photo: Nazi Germany SS Forces logo)

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sharareh said...

ghamangiz tarin ghesmate majera ineh ke ba'd az gozashtane bish az 60 sal,hanooz ghazzieh farghe chandani nakardeh(albatteh be joz madarese gheire entefa'ii ke be bachche ha ziad sakht nemigirand), tooie jame'eh ham hamintoreh. na faghat tooie madreseh.