Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year's Day

All the major stores and supermarkets were always closed on New Year's Day as far as I remember up to 2009. I guess the companies have decided to make more money even on the most important days of the year. Some say New Year's Day is not as important as Christmas Day and that's the major reason why everybody is off and everywhere is closed on that specific day but not the New Year's Day.
Canadian Tire, PriceSmart Foods and others were open today. We did a little shopping. They perhaps said that they would not pay their employees a lot anyways so why not make a few thousands more?

We also decided to do a little walk although it was a bit cold. It was a cold sunny day around 0 degrees Centigrade. It became sunny for the second day in a row and completely clear probably after 3 months! We went to an Urban Forest called Timber in east of Lower Mainland. There was nothing special about it but a little jungle in the middle of the city with a small frozen, at the time pond.

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