Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Anger Kills You Like Poison Does

My late Dad was an angry man. In general most of my family from my father's side are angry people! Well not most of them. One of my uncles who used to be a banker and got really wealthy and has been living comfortably for years now is an angry man. Or may be to say WAS because he's too old now! Not that the old people don't get angry. They don't have that much blood to boil!
I, myself, have been in so much mental pressure lately but I believe one reason also that I get angry so easily is that I inherited that from my father's side family.
I probably can get help from a specialist but have not tried anyone yet. Most of the reasons why I get mad are the mistakes that I've made and can't forget them. Or things that I know make me mad and I keep doing them! Stupid, Ha?
My aunt told me once that I should stay away from the things that make me angry. She's an angry woman herself, 'cause she's my father's sister!
Anyways one of the things which gets me mad off and on is chess. Sometimes when I lose, not every time(!), I get really angry. this notebook of mine is really old now (I will write about it later) and gets me disconnected. That cost me a few games that I could easily defeat the opponent. The other night this problem occurred and I yelled a bit and cursed loudly (Crazy!). Apparently the landlady had heard it as she told me later. She asked me if I had seen a ghost??!!
I told her that I had a bad dream and added that it happens usually 2 to 3 days a week. I see monsters I said!! The stupid moron believed that and said that I should wear protective. Fucking stupid superstitious! She showed me 4 different things that she wears in her necklase and added that if she doesn't put them on before she goes out, something happens to her. She gets a traffic ticket or something worse! Keep being an asshole. Otherwise who's gonna benefit from your stupidity?
(Photo: It's not me when I get mad but is not very different either! I should fix the problem!)

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