Monday, March 07, 2011

Higher Temperature = Colder

The other day it was -2o C something and really cold. Then a day after that some -17 C but much colder! It was unbelievable but the reason was the damn wind!
Calgary is subject to strong winds because there's nothing around it. So when the wind is blowing in the winter it makes the weather felt much colder than it really it should be. I was walking on 5th Ave. SW yesterday when the telephone rang. I took it out of my pocket to answer it.
When the conversation was ended my hand was so painful that I couldn't even move my fingers! I put it in my pocket and pressed it on my thigh for a while before I actually felt my fingers!
(Photo: The amount of snow fell is not too much but if there's no plowing the sidewalks are so slippery that walking is impossible. The City cleans, sands and salts sidewalks in downtown and the major roads but in general the citizen are obligated to do the front or around their residence)

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