Sunday, March 13, 2011

Throne of Blood

There has been years that I wanted to buy this movie to be able to watch it as many time as I wanted: Throne of Blood. An adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth. I even rented the movie once from a Rogers, the one in 17th Ave. which closed now.
I always encountered prices like $50, $60 and over. This time I found it in the HMV store in downtown for some $25 and bought it.
Now I have to say that I'm not that impressed. I've been always a big fan of Kurosawa and have watched most of his movies; downloaded and owned Yojimbo, Rashomon and Seven Samurai but this one was not as good as what I expected.
Anyways I will watch it again and I might get something more in the second and third time. There's also this other Kurosawa's movie available at HMV with the same price: The Hidden Fortress. I downloaded once but lost it amongst many other. I might buy it later.
(Photo: The opening of the movie like some other scenes is amazing. Here shortly after that a messenger tells some bad news to the top commander)

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