Saturday, March 12, 2011

Barn or Station

Look at this C-Train station: Doesn't it look like a barn?
...well it is Alberta. It must resemble something from the Province! This Province is all about beef, cowboys, farms, wheat and other grains. Oil also!
The stupid thing about these stations is that you have to go up a set of stairs and walk on the overpass to get there! I don't know who the wise person designed that! In a city like Calgary that there is always one severe weather condition, it would have been much comfortable and easier for Calgary Transit customers to find their way through an underpass, if such a thing ever had been built. Toronto and Montreal have subway which protect people from cold and everything else. Lower Mainland has Skytrain and although you have to go up to get to some of the stations but they are all covered and equipped with elevator. Calgary with all resources for the City with giant oil companies lack a clean, nice and comfortable transit system. And one main reason for that is they force people to but cars which boosts many other businesses in town. Public transit doesn't!
(Photo: Station seen from distance looks like a barn. Even the colour is chosen in a way which helps you to believe so!)

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