Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Armory Is Fully Loaded Again

The Western countries' armories get full every often and they have to find a way to use them up and fill them up with the modern ones. It was Iraq's turn in 2003 to be the lab for the new American weapons' test including F-117 and many other items. Now it's the time for Libya to be tested against new French and American missiles and airplanes.
Even Canada has sent F/A-18s. They probably will say that the jet are no longer operable and now it's the time to replace them with F-35s! The Government then will put an end to all the criticism from the opposition!
I don't really know how Gaddafi's regime who was building a good relationship with West is their number one enemy again! They say that his loyalists aim civilians but these civilians are actually the rebels who fight against the regime. We will see how long this war take.
(Photo: A missile is fired from an American submarine to Libyan targets)

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