Friday, March 04, 2011


No! I'm not going to write about the very low temperature in Calgary again! Not that I've written enough! May be I have! I'm goin' to write about one temperature problem which I had never thought about before I noticed that a few days ago:
I was reviewing a few documents when I realized that in a dimensional check report, the temperature during measurement is mentioned. Something that I had never paid attention to until I read the report! I remember years ago when I was working for this company, we had several dimensional checks and also the guy whom I eventually had a kind of argument with (which led to my termination eventually!) had the same thing while a client's inspector was present. The guy was an illiterate moron who was put there because anybody else would have asked for a big salary and the client's representative was someone who knew nothing but just following a few papers and I was an inexperienced guy who was enjoying the opportunity given to him run a QA/QC Department. I don't know if it would have made a difference, if I had known that but apparently not because I never heard any of those equipment had a problem.
Nevertheless I believe that knowing something and applying of it is better than ignoring it. I might get in to detail and find the temperature that actually the examination should be performed under that. It could be part of the preparation.
(Photo: A regular dimensional check with a measuring tape which does not have a small tolerance, of course)

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