Thursday, November 03, 2011

Keeping Up the 25 after Making Yogurt!

F. F. wanted to do a little shopping so I dropped her at Chinook Centre and drove to Glenmore Park. By the time I got there it was almost 07:30 PM and dark. I parked and got into the path. There were a few people there all with their light on the foreheads. I have one but had not put it on. So I started my jogging and although the night before that I had not more than 4 hours of sleep I was able to do my 00:25.
It was not as cold as the previous time. I guess the path beside the Bow River is felt colder may be because the water there is running and the weather in the reservoir is almost stagnant. May be the other night was simply colder.
But why i had not enough sleep is another story but the short version is that F. F. and also I, both are interested in Yogurt so that night it was decided to make some instead of buying as we usually do from different supermarkets. So we picked up a jar of Organic Milk from Co-oP for I guess almost $8 or more (for 4 L.) and a she made at a time that I had to wake up at almost 03:30 AM and put the pot in the refrigerator. I did put it in on time and honestly it was excellent Yogurt!

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