Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Dictator

I never liked this Sacha Baron Cohen, the British fellow. I had never seen any movies of him but the things that I had heard about him, about his movies, always prevented me from watching his movies. Eventually I said let's try this one, The Dictator, because I realized it was based on a fictitious character similar to Ghaddafi.
We caught it last night. It was OK and we got good laughs but that did not change my opinion about him. I had heard how disrespectful he was toward women. This movie actually approved that. It has bad jokes about women which not only they are not funny, but they are rude, tasteless and ridiculous. At the same time the movie makes fun of Arabs and their stupid cultures as well as democracy and its meaning in West. These are the good parts. The movie states that democracy in a way is giving power to multinational greedy companies enough power to go to a country like Kuwait, Iraq or Lydia and start taking their natural national resources.
It is not the movie that I would want to watch again but recommended to watch once. I guess if I wanted to rate it, I would give it 2.5 out of 5, at the most.
(Photo: Cohen as Admiral General Aladdin from a fictitious African nation with a language similar or identical to Arabic and his bodyguards. I guess this idea has been taken from one Ghadafi. The country they show on African map is where actually currently Somalia is located I think!)

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