Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Incredible Cow Tounge Meal

Tongue is a common meat in the old country but not here in the West although they love meat. But we were not surprised when we saw pork and cow tongue in T&T Supermarket yesterday because we that Chinese eat everything from tail to head and from any kind of mammal! Just kidding.
Anyway we got a small pack of cow tongue and with the help of Curtis Stone Pressure Cooker and F. F. recipe turned it to a wonderful and incredible Cow Tongue Meal.
Here is the ingredient in case you want to try:

1- Cow Tongue, cleaned and fat taken off, as much as you like but consider your pressure cookers capacity. You do not have to take the skin off.
2- Check Pea, as much as you like but again consider your pressure cookers capacity. No need to soak them in water.
3- Dried Lemon or its powder. F. F. used three and made holes on them using a fork. It all depends how sour you like your meal. Rather than that Dried Lemon gives incredible aroma to the whole meal.
4- Salt, Pepper and other types of desirable herbs and seasonings.
5- Tomato Paste.
6- Water, to cover everything in the pot.

Just combine everything together and let on max. temp. of your stove. You can add tomato paste later on when you check to see how your cheek peas are doing because you will have to do that at least once during the cooking. One the pressure safety valve is up is when you have the turn the heat down and put it on Min. Give it up to 20 min. depending the amount of cheek pea. As mentioned above open the lead once and check the cheek peas and based on that add water if needed and estimate the amount of time needed to finish that. Add tomato paste at the same time as indicated above.
This meal could be eaten with rice or simply make sandwich out of meat and have a soup separately. I can stress enough how tasty both the soup and meat is. Do not forget to peal the skin off the tongue after it is cooked.
(Photo: I did not take any photo of the dish but wanted to have something here so used the photo from the inside of pressure cooker. Those three spheres you see here are dried lemons and pieces of cow tounge are seen after being peeled off and cut)

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