Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Problem with the Law in Every Level

It is always good to have a law, statute, code, by-law or whatever you like to call it but what is the point of having that if there is no enforcement? In North America there is always one of the above and the system is dynamic. It is very good but at time there is no control, no enforcement and that is due to lack of budget and lack of personnel. The CPS has grown significantly in the past 5 years, I would say and their enforcement capacity is good but at times they talk about lay offs. There was this huge facility in NE Calgary belonged to Nortel Networks which is now a CPS office and yard. There is the other one, smaller in Chinook Centre and one new behind the Stampede grounds. Why would you spend so much money and then decide to get rid of them later? Isn't there anything called planing?
The Peace Officers that these days are seen mostly in Downtown core and at times in another LRT stations did not exist the way they do now a few years ago. Seem to be good enforcement. Also Parking Enforcement of The City of Calgary has been contracted to the Commissionaires and they have a fleet but that does not seem to be enough. One thing that I forgot to mention about CPS is the growing number of careless drivers in the City. I can not even count the number of drivers that I see on daily bases who drive and talk on their mobile phone. Why is that the CPS is not able to control them? Because they do not have the measures, I believe. They simply have to force the service providers to sell their devises with hands-free only or ask the automakers to have the vehicles with built-in hands-free systems. But I doubt that the governments have this kind of power here in North America.
There is this radio show every day that I listen to when I am driving. The guy was asking a physician in Federal Government this question that why they will not ban smoking while they know it's harmful and killing. The guy's answer was that their job was increasing the knowledge of Canadians and through that they have to understand and stop smoking but the hoist gave her a good answer and told her that was because the Federal Government makes lots of money through tobacco products! I have never seen anybody enforces a smoking by-law in the city. So what is the point of having it? Just making money for the members of Legislative Assembly!?
(Photo: This by-law for recycling goods seems very strong but is there any way of enforcing it?)

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