Monday, June 11, 2012

The Quarry

We wanted to go for a little walk with F. D. (He's here but no point to say how he arrived, long story) so I wondered where to go. I parked close to an overpass which goes over Memorial Dr. and lands on Bow River Trial, the north bank and we walked. Then we crossed the river and turned right. I remembered that years ago I had taken that path so we entered but then I realized a gravel path which goes up and decided to take that: The Quarry Road Trial. Apparently it had been a quarry long time ago, long enough that sandstone used to be extracted enough from there to build the government building in Regina in 1885. The little sign by the City of Calgary does not say if the building was made for the Federal Government or a local one but since it mentions the year and it is shortly after the Confederation, I assume it was for the Federal Government.
Another question is why out of everywhere on Earth this quarry should be used to carry sandstone all the way to Saskatchewan, some 760 Km?
Anyway we went up and it was a good walk. Path was not busy I guess only people who live at the other side of the path, the ones who do not want to take the back roads, take this path on foot or on a bike. On the way back, we took another trial and somehow ended up by the tracks. A commercial train approached and passed shortly after that.
We did not see the quarry but we realized that there was a kind of narrow bridge at the other side as well as a Golf Course and decided to discover the rest for the next time.
(Photo: Mertensia a wild flower common in the areas was spotted a few times. I could not get a better shot using my digital camera)

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