Saturday, June 16, 2012

Promethous: Not as Good as Expected

It had been over a month that I, like everyone else, wanted this new movie of Ridley Scott, Prometheus. It was quite disappointing. I chose IMAX 3D theatre because I wanted to enjoy the long awaiting movie. The experience was good but the movie's story ruined the experience.
Basically a ship lands on a planet and the crew go out to search and they are unarmed. They got caught by an unknown very dangerous unbeatable creature and die one after another and again there is one survivor who apparently are going to be to the sequel(!) and she is not Ellen Ripley played by Sigourney Weaver this time!
Come on Scott! This is exactly Alien screenplay with a little twist and the difference movie has with it's 1979 version is better visual effects, more advanced spaceship and loner surviving creature! Is that what Scott wanted to have? I guess if he wanted to show how Alien was evolved, then he has done well because the killing machine in this movie is different from Alien series but at the end you see that the very same one appears.
The other weak point about the movie is the role of Charlize Theron. She is a good actress and I liked her performance in Monster and In the Valley of Elah but I guess she is in Prometheus just because she wanted to help with the box office. In fact all the other actors and actresses are British and unknown to the usual movie-goer of North America and the World as well but she fails because she does nothing but throwing a few foul language during the movie!
I had planned to get the DVD and watch it again just like what I did with the other four Alien movies but I am not so sure now. I would give 2.5 out of 5 to this movie and that mainly is because of the special effects and action part of the movie, not the plays and story. There was only one role which was done quite well and that was the sole survival's!
(Photo: This is the scene that is seen at the starting minutes of Alien and ending part of Prometheus. Scott has used it to connect the prequel to his 1979 movie. This is actually the pilots cockpit, If I can name the creature that you can see at the right side of the photo is going to get into it and fly to Earth to destroy it. How and why is that going to happen, you will have to see the movie!)

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