Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stories of the Greatest Place to Work

Today I decided to tell the stories of my work place. I am sure that there will be plenty to share but not sure if all of them worth writing. I start with a few short ones:
1- There was one person hired for off-shore activities. The guy was sent there, accompanied with a supervisor, introduced to everyone and stayed there for a few days. Then left for his first few days off. On returning, he showed up drunk at the airport and they did not let him abroad. The Client then banned him from entering the facilities permanently!
2- There's this guy who appears to be a Scheduler. There was once a Project meeting and he was amongst a few who had not been invited! I really don't know what kind of experience and education this asshole has which does not give him the impression that he needs a Scheduler for his plans. The funny thing is the guy wanted to quit a few months back but the company revised his offer, most likely better salary and kept him!
When a contractor sends its schedule, no copy go to this guy. I don't know how he's supposed to schedule for the Project while he has no access to the contractor's to see if they fit in or not but apparently he's an idiot.
3- There's a piece of stinking crap who wanted to have a presentation a short while ago. It has provided something for Slurry but was pronouncing it like it had been written Celery. Don't get me go further!
I'm so sick and tired of this stupidity but until I find another job I will have to stick to it.

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