Wednesday, August 08, 2012

B. C. Road Trip (2): B. C. Wildlife Park

The first place we visited in British Columbia was B. C. Wildlife Park in Kamloops. The park is somehow in between Alberta border and the Lower Mainland. So for us who stayed the night before in Kamloops was a planned visit.
B. C. Wildlife Park really worth the money and time spent on. We had previously visited Vancouver Zoo, Vancouver Aquarium and Calgary Zoo and still there were things that we enjoyed. The good thing about the park and in another way the bad thing about it (the disadvantage for the park) is it is far away from the major cities so you never see the crowd you normally see in the above places. We really enjoyed our time and the shows although it was a very hot day. The other interesting thing about the park is that there is a path that you can take and it leads you to a small waterfall and then you can go up the hills. Most of the animals kept in the park are the ones who either had been injured or lost their parents and there was a little chance that they could survive.
if you're checking the website of the park, don't be fooled by it. The park itself is amazing. I'm saying this because many people go by the website. If the company has a nice website, people will buy its products. If the hotel has a luxury website, people will rent rooms, etc. B. C. Wildlife Park's website might not be seem so great but the park itself is.
Kamloops must have other places of interests but because our time was limited we did not spend it anywhere else. We did not even go to its lake but one should have a good time in the city.
(Photo: A Hawk after finishing its show seems tired. The young lady is going to take it for some treat and a drip of water soon)

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