Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kayben Farms

Today we took our second trip to the Saskatoon Farm, this time for the Sour Cherries. And we were late because apparently the other people from the same origin as us(!) had emptied most of the branches. Nevertheless we picked a full bucket.
Then we went to Kayben Farm, not too far away from this one, at the other side of Highway No. 2 with everything different.
F. F. liked Kayben Farm better because that is where we could pick her favorite fresh vegetables. She picked cucumbers, green beans, zucchinis and squashes. The price was reasonable.
Before that we went to the other side of the farm for Black Current. This little fruit which is even smaller than Saskatoon Berry which we picked for the first time as a new fruit, is even smaller than that and has a completely different taste. It's taste interesting. First the bite gives you a taste and then when you start chewing it another more permanent taste comes up. But it's picking was much harder, I guess because a plenty of them had been picked and the branches were not too dense. I wanted to pick a whole bucket but it was too hot and F. F. was tired and wanted to go to the vegetable garden.
This farm also has strawberries to pick but we were told at the end to check the website before going again to make sure anything was available.

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