Friday, August 10, 2012

B. C. Road Trip (4): Grouse Montain

I had previously been to Grouse Mountain once in 2006 but did not complete it! This time F. F. suggested to walk up the mountain instead of getting on the gondola like I had done with others. So we started and I got a bit surprised by the number of the people on the path but it was a very good experience and exercise for both of us. I was soaking in sweat by the time I reached up there!
We rested for a bit and then walked up to where the Lumber Jack show was playing, something that I had missed the first time. It was just the beginning so we enjoyed the entire show. It was very funny and interesting.
After we walked up to the Birds of Prey show. It was repeated for so I just sat still. Then F. F. said let's finish it and walk up to the pick and see the Wind Turbine closely. There is a chair lift over there that you can use and I guess it costs $15 but we hiked up, ignoring the big red sign which read hiking is not recommended or something like that. There we found ourselves in front of a Wind Turbine. This is new as well as the Zip Locks that could take you to the other side of the mountain. F. F. first wanted to do that but then changed her mind. You also could get into an built-in elevator in the Wind Turbine and go higher and see all around from that point but I did not think it worth $15. We then simply walked back and got on the gondola back to the parking lot. Overall it was a very good day.
(The wind Turbine on the top of Grouse Mountain. One of the employees over there said that 25% of their electricity produced by that but I doubted that because it barely moved the entire time we were there. Even if it does not produce that much electricity, it brings enough revenue to Grouse Mountain that they can buy as much electricity as they want!)

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