Thursday, August 09, 2012

B. C. Road Trip (3): Capilano Bridge

Capilano Bridge in North Vancouver, I think, is one of the places that people want to visit the most. It actually is not something very extraordinary but not too bad at the same time, a suspension bridge over a long and deep hole which it is said is as tall as Statue of Liberty.
We got there in the morning and it was quiet busy. It was a paid parking in front of the entrance across from the street but if you don't mind walking for a few minutes, you actually can drive up a few meter and park on the street for free as long as you want.
As I said it was a very busy morning but we tried to use the best of it. There is a section called Cliff Walk that we had to wait to be let in for that section. Lots of Oriental people and all very excited were there. At noon we decided to have lunch outside although there is a cafe in there. When we came back in the afternoon more than three quarter of the crowed were gone. We did everything again and took sole photos on the bridge.
Like many other places of interest in B. C. this suspension bridge is overpriced but you would want to go to respond to your curiosity. It was also said that the place is privately owned.
(Photo: Capilano Suspension Bridge from its east side when it is busy. The bridge has the capability to withstand all the people who cover it completely)

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