Sunday, August 12, 2012

B. C. Road Trip (6): Whistler

Whistler was one of the places which there are lots of talks about it and many know it as one of the best B. C., spots to visit but I found it completely disappointing and I was not impressed at all. Whistler is B. C.'s Banff version. It is a spot for high-end shopping, live cheap music, fast food and restaurants and having casual sex. Rather than that there is barely anything new that you could do that you're not able to do anywhere else. So if you're going for something new to Whistler, You won't find it. You can eat, shop and sex the same way anywhere else. You don't have to go to Whistler all the way! When we got there I noticed a big screen and the people who were watching Olympics! What a loser you should be to drive all the way to Whistler to watch fucking Olympic games!
Nevertheless there are outdoor activities that you could do and again those are things that you find them anywhere else. The only new thing was the chair lifts for mountain bikers. It perhaps is a ski lift that is used for biker during non-winter months. That probably is one of the action that if you have a good bike and enough protective gear, you might want to try. The gondola and zip lock are available like any other place and over priced as well.
All we did was we just had a walk in the village and then got the free buss to Lost Lake. It was an only 10 minutes drive. Then walked around the like for a few minutes, took a few photos and walked back to the village. It would be very nice if we had our swim suit with out because we could have had a plunge. There are hundreds if not thousands of lakes all around Canada and they are all the same: A hole which is filled up with snow-melted water with ever green trees all around it. There are only a few of them which might be a bit different from another. So if I show you photos of Alice Lake, Lost Lake, Buntzen Lake and others and ask you which is which you won't be able to tell. Overall Banff is a much better place to enjoy compare to Whistler and I don't care that they spend millions of dollars of tax payers and borrowed money to build Sea to Sky Highway. It still can not compete with Banff. Even Banff is too boring for me after a few visits. If I want to spend my time this or next summer and after, I would definitely spend my time somewhere else rather than Bnaff. Some people tend to do certain things over and over again. I'm not one.

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