Monday, March 18, 2013

Alberta Horseshit Care

Anyone wonders what AHC stands for I can tell that stands for Alberta Horseshit Care, the system which seems to be completely messed up now.
When I first came to Alberta this system was functioning with not much problems as far as I can recollect. I had a surgery which was very easy for me. of course it was not a major surgery but everything was done according to the plan and the only cost I had was the transit I took to go to Peter Lougheed Centre, which was less than $2 at the time. Everyone had to pay for medical care on that time. I do not recall how much it was but I remember I always struggled to pay because I've never been a drunk, a smoker, a fat person or in a word someone who gets sick often. So it was hard for me to pay for the people who didn't care and had to receive care from professionals.
Then I move out of the province and came back in 2011 and that was when I realized that there was no fee for health care!! I soon told myself that these guys would regret what they had done! And now the system is showing itself like a sinking bout!
Just a few days back we check into a local clinic for a treatment. I guess it was around 05:30 or 06:00 PM when we arrived. We were asked to be seated after a short interview and registration and when the physician saw us it was passed 12:30 AM! I was about to lose my calm a few times but then I quickly thought of the security guys who were roaming around! Not that I was going to do something stupid but the system is now in a situation that everyone is complaining! Doctors say that the province is meanest to the physicians and you just read my idea is about this. Back in Jan. I had this intense pain in my foot as a result of a Gout Attack but I decided to put up with the pain for almost a month rather than going to see a physician! I knew when I had this pain, it was really hard to tolerate but I also knew that dealing with mental stress and pain resulted in waiting too long would bother me a whole lot more. So I decided not to go! I don't think it will be changed if we find a family physician but I'm going to try that. I never had a family physician in Alberta but back in British Columbia there was this lady physician who seemed reasonable. We'll see.

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