Monday, March 11, 2013

Workplace Stories (3): Courage Under Fire

So much shit has been going on lately. A whole lot that didn't even let me write a line. However I thought I should start writing again. I can't put them aside especially not today after this interesting argument was going on:
I was at work today, sitting at my desk doing things and in the other room I could hear people, or better to say one person shouting, although the door was shut. I knew something was going on but I paid not much attention basically because I knew the person who was screaming, always does that!
I kept doing what I was doing until he came out and asked me to join them. Apparently there was an issue and he wanted to ask me what I knew about that. I explained a bit and that was when it got interesting. I and him was firing at the new person and her aid who came in later while she was firing back with almost the same intensity. The Screamer was really mad because he has low capacity for accepting any sort of crap from anyone while the new person was almost calm. The issue in fact was ours, mine and the Mumbling Guy's but he was away. So as soon as he showed his monkey face with the stupid smile, the Screamer yelled at him as what he done to make this mess! I was supporting the Screamer continuously with my full power and landed a few good ones on the new person, I must add! 
Then the Mumbling Guy started and as usual very slowly and under completely calm manner. I like this attribute of him. While we were talking and two sides were providing reasons why they had done this or that, the new employee came up with a statement as That would be important if you did this ...  and that was when I believed in the Mumbling Guy because he very calmly said: Don't tell me what is important and what is not!
I was about to explode to laughter! That was really good because it completely shut her up! We went on for a little longer and eventually both sides showed white colour!
Note: Courage Under Fire is the title of a movie which describes something happens during Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. I like the movie for what it shows happens to Iraqis but generally I do not like the story and Meg Ryan's act where she tries that stupid accent and also wants to show how macho she is or as it is suggested in the movie, how butch she is! Fake! Get a life!
(Photo: Although this post is about the Mumbling Guy and his courageous act while under fire but I have a photo of the Screamer here! Of course the screamer that I have here is more beautiful of the one in the above story but it is OK. I just wanted to have a nice photo for this post! Hope I can take a good shot of a Screamer one day with my own camera!)

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