Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Saturated Market

I truly decided to get myself out of this stinky hole when year 2013 started. For that I made job searching as part of my daily routine. I managed to find as low as 5 positions that I thought I would be able to handle and applied. Not even a single telephone call to invite me to interview! Damn!
The market seems to be really not good and there is daily news of people getting laid off. I do not think we work after this Sep. My buddy says to the end of the year. In another word he is optimist and sees another project coming but I highly doubt that.
I remember back in summer the same buddy of mine asked me to go to a Job Fair. He had up to 10 copies of his resume stuffed in his pocket(!) each in 2 pages(!)
When we got inside there were two lines parallel to each other each one to the length that the C-train has to go to get to another stop in Downtown! We had no chance but to go back to work because we did not want to stay in the line for 1 hour!
I had so many interviews back in when I used to be a Microbe's roommate. I guess nowadays there are so many people coming to this market which makes it almost impossible to get an interview easily.

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