Sunday, March 17, 2013

Signs of Spring (2)

I have kept my promise and did my jogging to the best of my abilities. I did it yesterday and I'm doin' it tomorrow if somethin' extraordinary doesn't happen.
Just when people thought that was the end of it, the weather turned extremely cold again! The sign of spring was seen today by the temperature goin' down to -14 ̊ C  which felt like -23 ̊ C when I had a little walk by Bow River. Surprisingly I saw more than just a few who were walking or jogging! With only 3 days officially left to spring it might seem a little odd to the ones who forgot they live in Canada where I even saw snow in June of July!
(Photo: The thickness of this piece of ice which is pushed to the river bank is amazing. I took this photo close to the 9th St. bridge today before noon)

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