Sunday, March 03, 2013

Snow Storm

Southern Alberta and the city of Calgary were subject to a beautiful snow storm today. That didn't of course stopped us from leaving our place. We had our breakfast at a local joint and then headed for a little shopping. The streets were a bit less crowded less than yesterday. It might come as a surprise to some as how we could get from a +5 ° C weather on one day (Sat.) to a severe snow storm (Sun.) but this is Alberta! The people who are not used to this type of weather and scared of a little snow (mostly foreigners - I bet someine is going to ask me whether I am not a foreigner! - and some old Caucasians and others who have spent quite a long time here) stay home. For me I was lucky that I had my every other day jogging yesterday by the Bow River, otherwise it would not have been really pleasant to run in this storm especially that you could experience as what I call it Horizontal Snow here. The weather has gotten a bit calmer in the afternoon, right now that I'm writing.
(Photo: You can see the snowflakes in this empty parking lot shot that I took this morning)

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