Saturday, March 30, 2013

Workplace Stories (4): Strange People

Living in Canada give the bad opportunity to see people from every shithole around the world. And as I said before while you may find nice and decent people, you can find asshole that their personality, behaviour and attitude sucks.
In this dumb that I work at the moment you can find people from Europe and Asia to South America and Russia. Some fine and some disgusting. Overall it's very hard to make a connection. Caucasian Canadians are beyond reach! While they are minority in their own country, you can hardly communicate with them. I am a talker and as one of the guys said once a bullshitter and as the other ones have told me a troublemaker. However my connection with these guys have never gone beyond a normal greeting and a few jokes. There's this guy though that really sucks at work, honestly like many others, My believe is in this company only 5% to 6% of people have knowledge and expertise. The rest are just simply extras! Anyway when this guy talks you barely understand. He uses adjective instead of verb, adverb for proposition, etc. and at the end says he doesn't know what he should say!
He according to what I had been told worked at Engineering and his manager was not happy with his performance simply because he didn't know what he was doing and instead of kicking him out, they transferred him to another department which requires less talent, knowledge, experience and expertise. He still suck there big time. When he calls I most of the time ignore him. I was told that he had married to a woman from Eastern Europe, one of those countries which sucked big time for living and people were deprived of the very basic requirements of living while he is originally from a Western European country which is known as a developed country. How someone from background ended up marrying a person from behind the Iron Curtain, I have no clue! I know at times and very rarely people from different backgrounds get together here in Canada and marry finally but that is for the people who have born in Canada and just carry some from their parents and ancestor's background. Not applicable to people like these idiot and his wife.
Anyhow I just wanted to say about the deep difference between people from different background and this numskull who sucks in what he is doing. Nonetheless I bet he earns good money doing a very simple job. I wish I could earn more doing a harder job!  

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