Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Canada Day 2013

This year July the 1st was hot as hell. For that matter we stayed the hell out of streets and were indoor most of the day and late evening. 
In the morning we heard choppers circling around the town in low altitude but then in a few hours something like a thunder was heard. With the sky all clear and high temperature I knew it was not mother's nature so I got my camera handy and when the R. C. A. F. jets appeared in the sky and roared over our head I got a snap shot.
The closest Canadian Air Force Base is located in Cold Lake which is around 600 KM north east side of Calgary. If we assume they had been CF-18 Jets, they would have been landed there in their base in less than 20 min. from the time that I pushed the shutter! Cold Lake is where I wanted to go last year for this ultimate race called Race the Base, a competition between the fighter jets and fast cars like Lamborghini and so on but couldn't. I'm just hoping the same event is happening this year so maybe I can go although I know it will be extremely hard.
In the evening we we wanted too see the firework around Centre Street Bridge. So I drove and parked in Downtown in 10th Ave. and we walked but we were late and could only hear the sound of it. That was awkward! 
(Photo: This is all I could get from the fighter jets going so fast above us, I would say the almost broke the sound barrier. I could have been sited in with my camera mounted on the tripod and zooming to the sky and as soon as I had head the thunder, I would have jumped, aimed and clicked but didn't happen because I didn't even know they would come back that way. Breaking sound barrier in war days in the old country always was a way of intimidation by enemy pilots. I don't know if I ever witnessed that because years have passed and even the normal sound of a fighter jet which is flying low is too high but It happened a lot in the cities and towns close to the border, I heard several times on the news, I hope you can see them. They are as small as green peas in this photo but look a lot alike CF-18 when I zoomed)

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