Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fucked up in Calgary

I once had a post about how desperate and clueless I was in Brit"SHIT" Columbia. Now I am almost in the same situation with only a mere difference and this time in Calgary. If this job of mine for whatever reason ends, I have no idea how long it will take to get another one. The recent interview that I was optimist about didn't get me anything, I was informed after three weeks. I only had the chance to apply for another one ever since and there is not a big possibility to get that. So for sure Calgary could be as shitty as Coquitlam and the entire province of Brit"SHIT" Columbia, the province that the British has shit on it in a way that it smells even more than 140 years. And truly speaking if you read the history of this province and the current situation of it, you'll see it has absolutely nothing! But I"m not going to discuss that here because or center of focus tonight is Calgary and maybe later Alberta
Alberta has been known for years for its valuable agriculture and oil and the other industries which are fed by these two major ones and Calgary in turn has been the headquarters of many major energy companies for that matter.
When I came to this city years ago it used to be a cold and lonely town with a population of around 950,000. Now because of these fake jobs in Oil Sands the population has grown to around 1,100,000 and for that matter all sorts of problems have emerged: unreasonable rents, traffic, expensive food and other essentials, shortage of medical services, wide cultural diversity which in turn creates other issues and so many more that I am not aware of them. 
If these fake, unstable and non-essential Oil Sands-related jobs are gone, the City will be on his knees as well as all the foreigners who have come to this part of the world for their dream of their life and Calgary will become another Detroit from a different perspective.
With Obama strongly opposing to XL Pipeline, I can't say where we are going. Everyone says the pipeline will eventually starts to be put but this is another speculation like others. It's like a students who does not have sources and do not spend enough time on his studies and keeps saying that he will eventually pass the tests! How is he supposed to pass if no effort is put into it?
The City has changed quite a lot and is no more the city that I was looking for a long settlement but the fact is other cities and provinces of Canada are not doing much better. There is this fact that the Microbe mentioned once: Canada is actually Gohnada. I apologize if this is offensive to many. Goh in Persian means shit so literally translating it gives us the country which does not even have shit! And it is true. If it was not for all the problems in the word, I am certain that none of these people, mostly from Middle East would ever step on this soil. I can see Indians and Chinese and Eastern Europeans here for good reasons but not the people of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and similar countries because they always had the basics and more. The first group never had. The fucking Mumbling Guy told me once that they had to wake up early morning every day around 05:00 AM to fill up all their containers to have water for the rest of the day. People of Romania and Bulgaria did not even have electricity for more than a few hours a day. Forget about other essentials in life. Polish people, once Dinosaur told me, drill the center of their coins to use them as washers! Sure life in Canada, even if they work for A&W or Superstore is pleasant for them! This is a lengthy discussion and I probably write more about this but feel free to express yourself without profanity!
(Photo: The head and Encana Tower in Downtown Calgary are new landmarks of this city)

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