Friday, July 05, 2013

The Second Interview of 2013

I had an interview last week with a Client company. Two people interviewed me, obviously one from H. R. and one from the related department that I would have reported to. It was a sort of interview that the questions are shared between the two and they both take notes for each one. I was confident and made a good start but although the other one most of the time confirming(!) my answers I kind of lost it in the middle and then grabbed a hold later. They seemed not to be impressed but the fella said that he would be in touch and the H. R. person gave me the business card of herself. These are not bad signs but if I was the person of interest, I should have been contacted by know, although I know big companies like this are slow and sceptical in their hiring process. 
I had the same situation a few years back when the interviewer took me to H. R. department after the interview and introduced me to her asking to explain the benefit package to me. There is no doubt in my mind that one of the people he was interviewed after me, was hired. He or she was simply better. 
This new position could change my future completely and I was dreaming(!) about going to this certain area after a few years of working for them but the bubbles seems to be blown! I will give it another week and then will send a message. 

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