Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pervez Musharraf's Comment

Many in the West do not know who Pervez Musharraf is, even in the East. I first came to know him in 1999 when he took the power after a coup in Pakistan. It was the headline of the papers in the old country and I clearly remember a photo showing his soldiers climbing up the presidential palace, probably in Islam-Abad.
But what does this have to do with The Other Side of the Globe, here? A few years back when I was resided in British Columbia there was this vegetable store in 100th Ave., Surrey where we used to visit often to get fresh vegetables and fruits. Once I picked up a East Indian or some called South Asian magazine and in there I saw an advertisement about Pervez Musharraf's speech somewhere in Surrey which you could only go by invitation. I was no dying to go but was just curious to see what he had to say. I didn't know how had left the power, was he ousted out like his successor or he had resigned. I don't even know to this date but I know he used to live in London and went back to Pakistan a few weeks ago and I guess he got arrested on several allegations. I asked the Mumbling Guy why someone like Musharraf would go to Pakistan while he knows he would be incarcerated or assassinated just like Binazir Bhutto? And he being an Indian, a true rival said that was the greed for power! And I think he is absolutely right! When I told another colleague who is originally from Pakistan about Musharraf's speech a few years ago in British Columbia and if he would have gone, had he haired this on time. He said he would beat him with his shoe if he had the chance!
So it seems that the retired general is not anybody's favorite. He is hated by Indians and Pakistanis and he is hated by the Pakistani government as well. So what is that I like about him?
In an interview that I watched a few years ago he was talking about fundamentalism, Taliban, Islam and so on and he pointed at a very good fact: He said the former Shah (king) of Iran started modernization and westernization of Iran too early, when the society was not ready. He practically started that almost perhaps more than 50 years ago when people were so stuck to their cultural restrictions and fundamental beliefs and he failed. I don't know what he was talking at the moment which made him to give this example but he was right. Even to this date that many people are turned their faces from Islam in that country, you will find the majority who believe in that religion. That, in fact was not the only mistake of the Shah but we are not discussing this here.
(Photo: The young Musharraf and his wife and the child when he was a low rank officer in Pakistani army. Pakistan is the country, like Turkey, that the Army has a big role  in running the country) 

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