Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Flashback (23): My Name is Paul

I was once rented an apartment in Guildford neighbourhood of Surrey, most probably one of the nastiest dumps in Canada, after some known neighbourhood in Toronto which is occupied by Blacks, mostly the ghettos. I was not aware how bad it was when I showed up and filled out the application form. I was given the apartment and I moved in. I was all by myself, no friend, no buddy, not even a soul to help me with the few stuff I had. The tenants of that fucked up dump mostly consisted of Arabs, African Blacks, a Afghan family I can remember, drunk low-income Caucasians, some Orientals and it was a total mixture of shit, vomit and diarrhea! 
The entire place consisted of I guess 4 buildings each 4 floors, and I was lucky that no one was living above my head! The building manager was struggling with different problems and once they were gone and this new guy camel Paul. He was a short Caucasian guy who probably had never been in a dump-shit like this before and came as a little surprise to me for someone on British Columbia because you get acquaintance with every disaster in that Province! This guy, not knowing what he was doing put a banner on the office door showing him on a horse with this headline in bold My name is Paul! telling people who he was and how much he liked horse back riding and other amusements, a typical Caucasian but a little slow obviously. Having an ad like that in a community that people has run from famine and drought, massacre and war and hunger and poverty is like doing the most stupid thing. Not to mention that half of the people would not be probably even read that. They would only see someone on a horse and who knows what their interpretation was! For some it could even be their master with the whip on the horse from the time that they had to work on the farms! Who knows!? You have to know that sympathy is the great thing for the people who suffered all their life. So the guy started his job and I remember that I had to interact with him a few times. I guess I wanted to move to another unit and he agreed to give his to me because he was going to move to a bigger one or something like this but I can not quite remember. He invited me to see his place but I didn't care. I just wanted to move out of the current one but i found it rude t reject his offer so I accepted and went in he had a big screen TV and his unit was equipped with a monitoring system which if a door open a siren will go off or messages are sent to a monitoring station. 
Anyways I moved in to his place a little later and somehow I understood that he does not work in the office anymore, one day. And he showed up at my door a few days after that. He wanted to tell me about his monitoring system and also told me that the people had complained about him and it was then decided to kick him out! he said he would go back to Vancouver when he belonged to and some other bullshit like that. He probably would never understand why he was ousted! 

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