Monday, July 29, 2013

Mountain Yamnuska (Not Finished)

The Chef contacted me a few months ago and asked me to plan for a hike. I did a search on the net and came up with a little program in Bow Valley Provincial Park to hike Mountain Yamnuska. Every information is available on the net but I would like to add my own experience here in case someone finds it useful. 
We were in the parking lot off Highway 1A where you have to start the hike at about 12:20! It would have been nicer, if we had started earlier. However we had one advantage that is highly recommended: We started in a light mixture of rain and hail which to me is much acceptable compare to a hike in a hot sunny day. The trail are so beautiful and full of wild flowers but the point is not to get lost. We were almost fine for most of the trip but on the way to the first pick and that was were we ended out trip, where the route just got rocky we had difficulty finding the way and consumed excessive energy to get up. I simply looked at one individual going up and followed him but looked like he knew thing and paths that we missed. 
Our entire trip took about 2.5 to 3 hours and we still had an more hour to go to get to the top pick but we decided to leave that for a possible later. 
We took a rest on the top, ate and drank and headed down after taking a few photos. The hike is so beautiful and at the same time could be deadly dangerous. On the way down and I have no idea, we lost the path and instead took a stream! No one was around. We only heard a few from distance and The Chef suggested to find them and ask them about the right way down but their were not around and we just followed the dried stream. The sun was not being covered by the clouds anymore and the damn mosquitoes were out so if you want to go there in a really sunny day do not forget your sun-block and insect replant. I found a nice mesh that you can cover your head in M. E. C. for about $25 but I don't think people would want to use that on hikes. In addition to that hiking shoe is very important. I had my safety boots on and Hodani had a pair of Wal-Mart runners(!) I don't know how he felt because he is very flexible but I have blister on my left foot back! I could have gone up with my New Balance runners but I thought safety boots work better but not obviously! The cheapest pair of hiking shoe that I saw in M. E. C. was about $99 plus tax. If I'm going hiking again, I will definitely buy one which is water-proof too. 
We were back at the parking lot at about 17:30. Considering the time we spend on photography and rests, I can say that we were on the move for about 4 hours and a half, a good exercise and I still have my feet soar but I would definitely go there again to go to the last pick. In terms of food and beverages, I only recommend enough water and some energy providing quick foods. I had made peanut butter-date sandwich which was fantastic but I came short in water. The backpack better be as light as possible the fact that I ignored and hurt me a bit. Overall it is a fun hike and worth trying and that is way I will take it again. 
(Photo: This picture was taken on the way to the top when the rocky path starts. This mountain would actually appear on your right)

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