Wednesday, August 07, 2013

A Bad Experience in Downtown Calgary

I was in Downtown area yesterday to go somewhere from there and got myself a cup of coffee from McDonald's and started a very slow walk, window shopping, minding my own business. There were lots of Natives around as usual, many of them intoxicated, again, as usual but paid not much attention. I stopped for a second to see something and I was holding my coffee when I felt a push on my back and I was thrown forward! 
Under normal circumstances I would have landed on the ground with my coffee first and my nose and head after that and I would have broken my nose, maybe my forehead too! Also it was a great chance that I would have been burnt by that coffee. But none of those happened. I quickly got myself together and realised that a drunk Native man in his late 20s and early 30s was walking by saying I was in front of him! I swore at the guy and could easily drop him with a punch like a bag of dirt but felt bad for him and just scared him by showing him my mobile telephone and saying that I would call the cups on him and kept swearing! 
he took a few steps toward me but when he heard that he walked off while still being sworn at. 
I always knew these guys are crazy and I always avoided them but I never had a pleasant contact like that with them. Downtown Calgary and especially the east side of it most of the time crowded with Natives hanging out with shabby cloths and asking you for change. It is quite similar to Vancouver Downtown East-side, of course not that bad. There difference is that in Vancouver they are kind of segregated but in Calgary they are floating! 
(Photo: I decided to post a photo of the nice side of the Downtown instead of the homeless, drunk and addicted! This is a sort of sculpture installed on high as can be seen around Bankers Hall. Suncor Energy centre and a little portion of the Bow can be seen on the back) 

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