Sunday, August 25, 2013

Flashback (24): Captain Morgan

J. M. A. K. A. Captain Morgan was an old fella that I worked with briefly back in British Columbia days. The poor guy was around 70 or looked like about that age and had worked hard labour jobs in Northern British Columbia for years. He liked to tell stories about the time he worked in saw mills in Huston or other small northern communities which their economy was solely dependent on forestry. May be still is, if any three is left up there! In general the economy of Brit-SHIT Columbia in the past decade or so has been heavily dependent on a few industries such as tourism, fishery, forestry, orchard and nothing else, may be different natural resources in north. We don't want to discuss that here because it will show how shitty this province is!
I felt really bad for the guy because according to him he had to work to make end's meat. His pension would not cover his and his wife's costs. But he was stupid too. In old days, in Canada, a labourer in forestry industry could make good money and with the prices of house so cheap and population so low, he could buy a nice house and in fact he did but somehow he later lost it or may be he lied about that. The other problem of his, like many Canadian men, was that he had fucked around with too many girl. The woman she was living with, was probably his third married gal. She was a woman who was suffering from emphysema and that was because she had been exposed to smokes during all the years that she worked in a bar. J. M. had a few child including a man who worked for kaltyre, if my memory let me remember, not that is a significant piece of information, and a daughter who was suffering from Leukemia.
He even was a cab driver for a while but according to his stories he has his nose broken two times so he gave it up! I don't know how that might happen to you unless you are a real dumb. Obviously he used to pick up the drunks and asshole at different corners of the town or around bars and nigh clubs without being careful enough. The job of driving a cab seems to be much securer these days as all of the drivers you see are foreigners from India, Pakistan and African countries but might not have been like this in the old days. Nowadays the taxis even are equipped with cameras and I don't remember I have heard any incident about a cab in the past 10 years.
Anyhow the Captain first lost his driving privilege because he was blind as a bat and then they ask him to leave the job and offered him something easier somewhere else. 

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