Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Workplace Stories (6): Incompetency

With too many dickheads and morons sitting around the workplace, I always wondered what the benefit would be for the company hiring these fools? Then it was known to me and the reason was brilliant: The company has a contract with a client and based on that provides a list of the so-called EXPERTS to them and gets man-hour. Clients most of the time, I believe do not check most of these experts background, experience and education and at times cases like this guy occurs. Anyways the company gets a considerable amount of money for each and every employee, let's say for example for a Process Engineer some $80 an hour. Then they pay him or her half of this amount and put the rest in their own pocket! The situation is even better for a few of the other positions because they can claim more and with today's tough market pay less because nowadays Ph. D.  holders are doing a drafter's job. 
This situation may not seem so odd for the company's which do contract job let's say the king of fools fucking Moody but for a company doing that to the employees seems a bit strange but I bet many of them don't know and even if they do, they also know that they do not have any other choice. 

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