Monday, August 19, 2013


I have already written about the pinheads that I had to work with from time to time. I also have said how expensive the education could be. I just want to address one of the most stupid popular certificates that I have ever faced in my life anywhere in the world: PMP.
This so-called certificate is provided by the Project Management Institute. I now doubt everything that I see in North America. I used to doubt everything in the old country because I had always been told that everything in perfect in West. Now with all these bullshit I see here I have lost the complete trust on anything. PMP by far has been the dumbest certificate I have ever seen. This ugly, ignorant piece of stinking Oriental crap who barely can say something without grammatical errors, still makes the same pronunciation mistakes she was making 3 years go and has no education, understanding and appreciation of engineering and science a PMP holder! There was this guy who used to work with us, a lad from this tiny little town in one of Ontario's neighbouring provinces. He had an engineering degree from this grade 5 Canadian university and he was a PMP holder too. He actually became one just shortly before leaving the company. In a way he was a punk, black earring on one earlobe, tattoo all over the one arm or maybe even other places, just like a fucking drug dealer! The fucker had a handwriting like someone who had recently learnt English from his native Cantonese or similar langue. 
On the other hand all of the manager and top executive do not even give a shit to these stupid certificates because being close to the C. E. O. or a good sucker are what makes them the project manager or similar. This fucking animal who does not even have an engineering degree and I bet if you give him a little bit complex drawing, who would not be able to understand it, is who has the role of project manager! 
This probably also is one of the easiest in the market because you see many people with that these days. It's like MBA that has become popular like cigarette in the past few years. Education is really fucked up and has become more of a business in the past few years. In Canada and I reckon in the States it is a big business because that is how the universities, colleges and school make money and the government loves it. Just a while ago an embassy of Canada in one of, I guess, Eastern European countries had some restrictions for student visa and all the schools across the country started crying. Vancouver is one fucked up city which has almost nothing to present in terms of jobs unless for teaching English to some fucked up losers who have got some money from their parents or work illegally to pay their tuition so they can fuck or get fucked and keep that as their life-time memory. 
There was this ugly Japanese whore who used to go to the same school as F. F.'s. The bitch was so fucking poor that had rented a room at the size of our toilet and was sleeping there but her fucking Facebook profile would be updated with new photos every few days. I guess she eventually found one fucked up Canadian guy and stuck herself to him like a parasite at least temporary for food and dick! She was here apparently as an English student. I never knew why someone would need to learn English if she or he is Japanese and lives there! It's understandable that you need to learn the language and I actually had a classmate in U of C from Korea who was here for that but what percentage of people work in tourism industry in every country!?
So in a nutshell if you're getting some North American education, PMP would be the one which you stayed away unless your brain does not have more capacity to take something intellectual and thoughtful!

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