Saturday, August 03, 2013


Patton, an autobiography of not very famous general of the US Army is an overrated movie. No story, not really a fascinating battle scene even with the standards of 70s and not such a considerable act. The movie only has two good points:
1- George Scott's act. Although I liked him much better in Dr. Strangelove.
2- This is probably one of the rare American movies in that era which does not lie. 
Rather than the above the movie does not have anything to present. There is not really a battle scene that you could say that the director, cinematographer and stunt team have worked hard to make it real and exciting. Generals Patton's role in the war only is limited to either watching through a pair of binoculars or from the side of the road and surprisingly he never gets hurt even when the planes attack and he is standing alone in 
the middle of the road shooting at them with his ivory(!) revolver of whatever! A typical American war movie scene in the 60s and 70s which only wanted to show that Americans are always the winners and the strongest. Happily this disgusting attitude was changed in the 80s and after by presenting movies like Platoon and Saving Private Ryan which shows the filth inside the American war machine. 
Nevertheless I paid less than 50 Cents, yes less than $0.5 for this movie and I am not disappointed. This and 2 other movies were paid by the VISA Gift Card that I received from my vehicle insurance company and for that I appreciate them! I bough the other Bourne movies with the card and completed my collection! Even if you want to buy this movie, I recommend it. It's only $5 and worth watching just has been given extra credit! The last word: Why a movie has been made about a general which has not as big of an affect as other generals in the history of numerous wars that the US ever was involved?!
(Photo: On the top you see General George S. Patton with his famous stick(!). On the bottom, George C. Scott portraying him)

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