Friday, August 23, 2013

Movies in Alberta

I had heard several times about all these movies being made in Alberta, big hits, Hollywood successes which brings millions of dollars to directors, actors and actresses and most importantly the producers. I had heard of Brokeback Mountain which I never watched. Perhaps I should. Until recently that I read in Calgary Sun that one of my all-time favorite, Unforgiven had been made here in Alberta as well!
So I was watching the movie the other day and I got to this scene that the tree guys are trying to shoot one of the Cowboys who is ironing a calf and hey wait a sec.! I know this place! The scene is shot in where is know as Dinosaur Provincial Park, where I was a few weeks ago! 
A view of Dinosaur Provincial Park taking by me
I never understand whether it is because making movies are cheaper here in Canada or it is on the account that you can get better scenery because Westerns are not the only movies made here. K-19, one of my other favorites, I know, that was made in Canada, somewhere in Ontario
F. F. told me just a couple of weeks that she had been told that the old gentleman who everybody was whispering about, where she was in that day, was a famous actor, according to one of her colleagues. With the sign that she described to me I realized that he was Donald Sutherland, who is a Canadian actor and was here for a movie. I always wanted to go and see places where the important events had happened for example I have it in my plan to go and see Burghof or places when my favorite movie have been filmed for instance the restaurant in New York where many Seinfled scenes were filmed Now I have been in one of them without even knowing! 
(Photos, top: Eastwood in the scene where the first Cowboy is shot. In the background the hills of the park are seen)

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