Thursday, August 01, 2013

Urban Noise Study

Imagine what changes would happen in housing market if Urban Noise Study is mandatory and every Realtor or builder has to provide it as part of the property information just like the Walk Score? To me noise is a big issue and although I live somehow close to a noisy and busy neighbourhood, I will make sure that I consider that next time I move to a new place. The most quiet place that I ever lived in so far was Balsam Way in Squamish. In fact if I had a good job in a small town, I would move there but well paid jobs are hard to come by. Most of the locals own their property which has been inherited and a few rental places are either rented by outsiders or maybe young ones. I have really no clue. I can only use Squamish as an example because that so far has been the only small town that I ever lived in.
Anyways It was so quiet and peaceful to live in that town and even here in Calgary you can find quiet communities but the good ones are either too expensive or too far from main spots of the City. Houses and apartment building could have a Noise Score and that could have a significant affect on their price. I know that for a fact that because the majority of the duelings are made of wood and not hard material they are not sound proof. In most of the offices if people are on the phone or talking normally you, in the next room, can here them easily. Application of Glass Wool between drywall is a common methods of sound proofing but it is costly because first of all a high grade isolating glass wool is expensive, second of all a labour cost should be added to that. So many builders don't bother with that. Noise pollution has recently become the major source of stress and other mental disturbances and it's worse in bigger cities. There is not great control over it. In summer motorcycles are the main source for that there little control over them as well.
(Photo: Balsam Way in Squamish, British Columbia after a rain. You can see the rainbow over the houses. I lived on this street for a period of time!)

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