Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Advanced to the Second Round

The Flames has advanced to the second round of playoff and everyone knows that. This is not a news-blog so it doesn't matter how late this is posted. They have to play The Ducks and the first two games would be played in Anaheim, California
The Ducks seems to be a much stronger competitor for The Flames. Here you see the American guy Kesler who used to play for Vancouver with No. 8 of Calgary. This is one advantage of being a professional hockey of basketball player. You get a chance to live in different cities!
I checked 17th Ave., SW after The Flames beat the Canucks 7-4 (I don't have any photos though because first of all it was very late and dark. Second of all the majority of the guys and gals where drunk and crazy and I didn't want to risk it!) which was unbelievable. They lost the first period 1-3 but won eventually. People went crazy on 17th which was predictable. Police was there but they cleaned the street from the parked cars and let these morons to do whatever they want to do. 
Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson wearing The Flames Jersey after losing the bet to his viral! 
Calgary's mayor Nenshi  won a bet with Vancouver's mayor Robertson. The bet was that whoever team's loses the series he has to wear the winner's jersey! And he did! I'm going to send a message to the guy who sold me a couple of tickets last year to see a game if he has something or not. I know it would be expensive but I would like to see how much he's asking for.
(Photo, top: The Flames banners are put everywhere in the city including the Core Shopping Center in Downtown. This might not be a clear shot but that's all I got)

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