Saturday, June 27, 2015

Disgusting Heat

I'm sitting here at home and this is f**king disgusting, this heat! I went for a walk in the afternoon around 18:30 and it was not this bad but noon time was quiet hot, I'd say around 30 degrees Centigrade. The radio said Las Vegas is 44! Yes 44 degree C! I wonder who would be the loser going there but considering much of activities are indoor, I don't think people mind that!
I went for jogging yesterday by the river and it was not very bad and I did a good 30 min. but silly me took a tumble as soon as I was about to cross the river over the pedestrian Crowchild Tr. bridge, rolled over, jumped up and continued! 
I could not sleep because of the hot weather and when I woke up in the morning I realized that I had screwed up and my ankle was in pain. I guess I'm lucky that I didn't break it but I guess I twisted it a little bit. I used a lotion and wrapped it with one of those bands. Feel better now but I'm pretty much screwed! Don't know when will go back to normal. I have already missed this weekend's hike. So I'm hoping to make it to the next week. 
(Photo: I am using this bunny photo for this post because I don't like writings without a picture although this one is not related to the short story but I took it during one of my walks. There is a good population of bunnies in the city and I have seen them mostly around Downtown area. They seem to be peaceful)

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