Monday, June 15, 2015

Stupid vs. Crazy Stupid

The story of a young woman being stuck by a big pick up truck while trying to stop it after the driver drove off the gas station without paying, was all over the news last week. I didn't want to post anything about it as this is not a news-blog but then felt that I should write something to clear a few things in case someone is interested to know as this would have never happened to a Caucasian or even East Indian fella, had the Centex gas station attendant been from that ethnic group, if I may put it that way.
Here is what the media was reported about the victim: She was a new immigrant from Iran and a  graduate of Chemical Engineering program who had recently moved to the city and been given a position as a Process Engineer within an engineering firm but then shortly after 3 month was laid off. Her husband worked for the same company in a Piping Engineering position, also was recently laid off due to economic downturn and the couple were struggling their newly built life. So she decides to get a job to be order to pay the bills until the market picks up and she goes back to her engineering position: Here are the foolish things this family did:

1- Why on Earth did she have to get a job as a Gas Station Attendant?! There are plenty of jobs in Wal-Mart, Superstore, Safeway, Tim Horton's and such businesses and there's no way they pay less than Centex.

2- Didn't the family have any emergency funds? You know when you go to a new country where you have no family and you just want to start a new life, you need to be prepared. Going to a Capitalist society where your tiny epic ass could be kicked out of work, particularly when you're new and you still don't know your ass from your elbow, could be potentially fatal.

3- The guy didn't pay and drove off and went to the nearby The Home Depot and the woman left the gas station, attended or unattended and went to The Home Depot as well and I don't know what happened and they struck her and drove over her and vanished!! Why the hell would you go after two maniacs, driving a big ass truck, while you barely speak English and are a tiny little foreigner woman?! I hope she was not attempting suicide because if that is what she had in mind, the accused could be let go now! I'm a grown man and a tough one, have been living here in this part of the globe for many years and I don't dare driving on Deadfoot Tr. (Deerfoot Tr.) because of the number of the crazy stupid maniacs who drive their big SUV and pickup trucks on that road. What was she thinking when she approached the Super Duty? I can't think of two thing and they both start with an S: Stupidity and Suicide! It should have been one of them.

I have nothing to say about the accused because there are a lot of them in the society and we all know them. Their life is summarizes in boozing, smoking weed, driving big trucks or old cheap cars with drilled exhaust so they can be noisy, six packs, bars and fucking a stupid asshole of similar or opposite sex. A creature with description as above has no concern for a human being, especially if she's a foreigner. If I had heard that the woman tried to stop the truck and the truck driver drove around her and left, I would have been surprised! And thanks to the justice system of Canada which is probably the greatest in the world. I have previously posted that Canada is the heaven for criminals. Just today I heard that on the news that a Somali abductor who used to operate in Mogadishu area, was captured in Ontario!! Can you believe that? So it means they let everyone in and the ones who are born and raised here also given the opportunity to do as much as they intend to do. The guy was out of jail on bail and was driving a stolen vehicle. I agree that everyone should be given the second chance but for what price? Is is worth ruining a family's life and sacrificing a woman to give a scum a second chance? I personally do not believe that. 
I took this photo in 2006 Calgary International Auto and Truck Show, the only time I have been to the show so far. The this is a F-250 Super Chief Concept. The truck which was driven by the accused killer is similar to this one. 
This tragedy truly proves that having an engineering degree does not prove that you're smart. The fact is people, particularly women study engineering for different reason in countries such as Iran. Among them are: 
1- There are not many jobs available that you can make ends meet. Even with the screwed up and devastated economy of today's Iran, an engineering job would not do much but it's better than nothing. But don't worry! That'll come to Canada soon. In fact it is already here but has not shown itself completely!
2- Women, particularly if they do not have good feature, which was the case in our poor victim, are seen as member of the family who are not productive, especially in small towns. So they try to leave the family as early as possible in order not to impose extra expenses to the breadwinner.
3- Marriage is considered a big deal. People try to get married to wealthy families but if they have no choice in that alley, post-secondary education provides them this opportunity to meet people of their class who have come to the university and their philosophy is that we would do well together. That's the story of this couple as well, without a doubt. 
So you spend four years in a university, you memorize a bunch of formulas and learn to use tables and a calculator and then graduate with a degree. You're the same damn stupid with a degree added to you. Now you can calculate flows and forces but you can't calculate what would happen if I step in front of a big car with two young Caucasian fellas who naturally hate foreigners! What a pity. 
(Photo, top: The accused of striking the Centex gas station attendant in 16th Ave. SW is taken to custody by two officers of CPS. It took them less than 24 hours after the incident to find them)

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