Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Global Mini Skirt Show (Jun. 9-11)

I spent a few minutes in this ridiculous show called Global Petroleum Show which is held in Calgary every year at this time of the year. I went there only because I was supposed to pick up something from one of the exhibitor's booth which I didn't find it by the way! 
So you go there and and similar to most shows in Calgary it is in Stampede Park and BMO Center. There are an army of people, probably volunteers, some of them, to help you register but you also can register by scanning the bar code on your registration confirmation letter. So basically those people are there for nothing but consuming oxygen! But hey don't forget that there are lost of garbage that they hand to you or you can pick them up such as a leash that you attach your badge and hang it from your neck and other useless stuff which all end up in landfill! What a waste and what a bunch of fucking inconsiderate idiots these people are! Why do you have a badge and why do you have to hang it from your neck similar to a prisoner who poses for a mugshot, I have no clue! 
Then you go in and that actually was my second time and you see all sorts of people but this is how I categorize them: 

1- Unemployed and recently laid off people who have come with the hope that a miracle happens and they get a job. I specifically saw one person who had told me a few weeks ago that he had been laid off. 

2- Retired people and the ones who are bored at home. Since registration is free why the hell not go to the show and collect a few pens, cups, grocery bags and other free garbage from exhibitors and get a junk food and spend the day there? Who cares that you know nothing about oil industry?! 

3- There are people who really believe that going to such a meaningless show particularly at the time that the oil industry is completely screwed up, is such a big deal. These people feel a kind of obligation and would always go no matter what. They are quiet similar to the people who strongly feel obligated to go to each and every event in the city and even further. They never miss Calgary Stampede, Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and all sorts of boring repetitive annual events that they have been to at least 36 times! These are the people who revolve the wheels of every industry by the money they spend here and there. 

So I walked around and walked around and the dis-organization and chaos of the place stunned me. I finally didn't find that exhibitor although I checked the map, I asked two guys and I checked the electronic screen guide but what I saw the most, and unfortunately I have no photo from, is the women in mini skirts. They were among both exhibitors and attendants. I understand that at times exhibitors try to attract customers but I wasn't expecting to see women in micro skirt! And what's with someone who goes to the show? Unless you're looking for someone, why would you wear a mini or micro skirt with high heels in a technical show?! That's despicable. Anyways I realized that I was tired and it was passed 12:00 so I headed back to the office and let the smart people enjoy their show. The mini skirt part was probably the only attractive part of the show although I'm shy and can't stare at women's legs! 

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