Sunday, June 14, 2015

Rainy Weather Led to Skating

This weekend I missed another hiking/mountaineering opportunity, this time to rainy and cold weather. My plan was to go to Kananaskis and climb up The Wedge, the mountain we had a failed attempt a few weeks ago. My alternative or Plan B was to go up Mt. Lady MacDonald in Canmore but I had to drop both and instead I ended up in Crowchild Twin Arenas for practicing Skating. 
It was almost the same number of people this week as well but surprisingly blue arena, where the public skating takes place, was much colder! I never wear gloves while skating unless it's a very cold winter day and I'm outside but today it was chilly in a way that when I finished exercising and got off the ice, I could not even undo my laces! 
Skating, and I've mentioned earlier, is a tough sport and I believe 1 hour on ice is too much. That's probably why there's unlimited player replacement in hockey! Not to mention the physical challenge the players deal with in addition than to skating. Of course the hockey players have all started skating when they are 3 but the excessive movement in the body armor and helmet on, adds to the fatigue factor, I guess. Most of the people who were there with me, irrespective of their age and the level of skill, didn't spend the whole hour on ice. No matter how good you are at other sports, skating would feel different. 
(Photo: Public Skating started at 04:45 PM today and lasted 1 hour. Barely anyone was in, particularly only two minutes after the drill was started!)

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