Monday, June 08, 2015

Fitbit Flex = Piece of Shit

I started having problems with this activity tracking device called Flex from Fitbit more than a month ago but I neither contacted their customer service nor joined a forum to get help. I knew the first one would be useless and the second one would probably not very helpful either. 
The problem was with charging. The damn device would charge but would discharge shortly and without the regular e-mail notification. Now instead of charging every 2 to 3 days I had to charge every day which was a pain in the butt. I lost lots of hours due to that and then yesterday I went for a 25 min. jogging in the morning and when I came back I realized that the piece of crap has not recorded that activity. 
Today was the worst. I simply put Flex Fitbit having problem with battery in a search engine and lots of result was shown indicating I was not the only one having that problem. Then I got home and I realized that the system is not synchronizing! The last time it had synchronized it was shortly before the midnight so I connected that to my PC to charge its damn battery and as well have it close enough for synchronization. Nothing! I e-mailed their customer service and explained the issue briefly. We'll have to see what they say. It's just close to a year that I've purchased it and I guess the size of battery does not allow it for more work. They will most likely replace that, if they wanted to do the right thing. 

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