Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Following my visit to Global Mini Skirt Show yesterday, I had another short visit today, this time mainly to pick up lunch tickets that one of our contractors had offered. I went there and found the booth but I was told that the tickets had been given to the joint and I had to go there to pick them up. 
So I and my buddy from work walked to the bar/restaurant called Loungeburger. We were welcomed by the staff and the contractor's representative and since the lounge was full, they directed us to their patio which was not bad. We were shortly approached by beverage waitress. We had a pair of beverage ticket. I ordered what one of the guys that we sat with, had already ordered and was drinking. It was apparently a draft beer, although I have no good experience with that product. My colleague just wanted a drink of water. The beer arrived shortly and then we ordered food. I realized that the menu given to us was different from the restaurant's main menu because I had studied that. It was OK though I ordered Bison Burger with side salad. It is obvious that the contractor wanted to limit the amount each guest spends.
We talked and talked and I finished my beer and there was no sign of the food. I had another beverage ticket and I wanted to save that for tomorrow, not knowing that the lunch event is held for one day only! The three guys who were sitting at our table received their food. So did the guys on the table next to us. I saw the size and content(!) of a salad that one of them had ordered and regretted why I had not ordered the same but I mainly didn't because first these guys at restaurants mostly don't care about washing the ingredients and secondly they use their hands to put the items on the plate and mixing them up. Anyways I guess we waited for some 50 min. or so and my buddy was about to lose his temper and told one of the waitresses that he would leave in 5 minutes if the food does not arrive. I talked to one as well and asked about the possibility of our order being lost but she said that their kitchen was a little bit backed up which I understand.
The food arrived in two minutes after we had that talk and it was OK. I was happy when I read that they use Whole Grain Bun for their burger but the bread was a little fluffy. The patty, if it was really Bison, because I can't say as I had never tried before, tasted good and was not cooked very badly but was not perfect either. It was a thick patty though. Generally I have no complaint. The side salad was small as they usually are at the restaurant so it didn't take me long to finish the meal and I was OK. I waited a few more minutes for my buddy to finish his and we got the hell out of there after thanking the contractor's staff. I would like to go and try the restaurant one more time at least because we were in rush and I could not sit and relax after the meal. Beside they use my favorite bun so that would be a good place for a little meal. 

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