Monday, October 26, 2015

A Little Practice

I went for a little Ice Skating practice to Crowchild Twin Arenas yesterday afternoon. To my surprise it was busier than ever! Normally we are there 10 minutes ahead of time to put our skates on and get ready and even after 10 min. barely anyone gets on ice. Yesterday while I was getting ready there were already as many as 10 people on the ice, mostly kids! It's a bad weather now and no outdoor rink and people like skating so they come to a public rink which barely cost them anything. 
I didn't feel very confident the whole time one reason being when I'm in Olympic Oval I'm practicing beside the people who are mostly way worse than me. in Crowchild I'm with guys who have been doing it for years or kids at ages of 10 or 11 who skate like professional hockey players! At the same time I had not been on the ice for almost a month and a half and sadly I had not tightened my skates! So all of them put together made not a very confident practice but overall was not bad. The Lady didn't come but would have been much better, had I have her beside me because she's excellent at practicing. I barely even was able to practice my backward which I had become very good at the end of August when we finished out third course at Olympic Oval. Need more practice and maybe I should get both of our skates sharpen. 
(Photo: The entrance to Crowchild Twin Arenas in west Calgary. It was a nasty dry, sunny stupid fall afternoon. No rain, no snow, freaking dry and nasty wind!)

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