Thursday, October 08, 2015

Lost Sleep Over It

You heard that expression which goes: I won't lose sleep over it? Well I actually did. I couldn't sleep much last night. It was all going on in my head as how this happened and which bastard did that. The Lady says that I should not think about that any more and shall only focus on job searching and studies for an upcoming courses. 
I got together with The Hope today. He's a buddy of mine from the old country. We worked for the same company for a short period of time. He's out of work as well but his situation is different. His income is high because of the line of work he's in and seems that he doesn't give much shit. He's been out of work since May this year I guess but has been back to the old country once and is planning to visit a family member in Down Under in about a month. While sitting at a cafe and talking I realized there was a guy staring at me. I didn't know him and he looked a bit similar to Afghan people, although at times it's next to impossible to indicate who's from where here. He approached us and I greeted him and added that I had good Afghan friends. He indicates that he was not from there and it appeared that he was our countrymen! He was out of work as well and according to him for over 6 months! It's hard to believe that someone with a family of four could survive without a job for that long and pay his mortgage as well but that's what he said he's been doing since he lost his job!
I also finished the application for E. I. and the company indicated that they had submitted my Record of Employment electronically so soon I shall be receiving the first letter from Service Canada. That's all for this shity life now. 
(Photo; I slept only a few hours last night. Couldn't get over what just had happened)

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