Monday, October 19, 2015


Although legally a citizen for year but voted for the first time today in Federal Election. We went to our local voting place and happily it was not crowded and there was no line although people are coming. It took us less than 10 minutes to finish it. 
I don't know whether I will be sworn at or mocked but I hope the Conservatives win. Just simply look at the other parties: Mulcair!!! He is against all the main industries in Alberta so who would care for this beard hog! And Trudeau!!! He's just a joke! What makes you a good politician? Simply because your father was a Prime Minister once?! Grow up! Stop nonsense! Get a hair cut first and then stop bringing kids to this world! Is this 60's or 70's to you think, you hammerhead?! 
You idiots are are so self-centered and think about your $250,000+ salaries and family fun. You are against Bill C-24 which by the way is not strong enough to protect this country from maniacs who turn it to another Syria or Iraq, the first chance they got. 
Let wait to see who wins the election. 
(Photo: We received a card similar to this after we registered online for voting. This and our ID was the only thing we needed for voting)

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